Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Susannah Green

Class of 2013
Major  —  English
Hometown  —  Bethesda, MD

Senior English major and lifelong logophile. Other passions include British costume dramas, Alice Munro, breakfast foods, and cable-knit sweaters. 

From networking to medieval morality plays: A recap of my weekend

By Susannah Green on February 24, 2013

By the time you're a senior, pretty much every class event includes wine. Between "Senior Dinner" (aka networking with alums) on Friday night, and going to my Chaucer professor's house to discuss "Everyman" on Saturday, my weekend was basically all wine, plus lots of interesting Real World discussions with Real Adults (on everything from the power of social media to Kenyon trashcan parties in the 80s). Read on for more highlights.

(This is what came up when I googled "Kenyon College wine")

That time I partied with my professors aka Fandango

By Susannah Green on February 10, 2013

Every year, exactly one hundred days before graduation, the senior class embarks on a magical night known as Fandango. It's basically prom plus professors and wine: you dress up, take pictures, and spend two hours sloppily hugging 400 of your closest friends (while wondering out loud if you should tell your sophomore year poli sci professor, standing two feet away, that you once stalked his LinkedIn). Read on for more highlights (and pictures) from my own experience at Fandango, which happened this past Friday night. 

How to survive winter in the 'bier (and have fun along the way)

By Susannah Green on January 19, 2013

It is a truth universally acknowledged that Gambier, OH gets pretty bleak from late January to early March. Freezing temperatures, limited sunlight, and an unvaryingly gray sky tend to weaken all but the strongest morale. The good news is that every one gets through it, and with the right attitude and a little creativity, you can not only live to tell the tale but actually enjoy yourself along the way. Read on for four foolproof tips on making the most of your wintertime experience in the 'bier.


Portrait of a study spot

By Susannah Green on January 15, 2013

Starting a new semester is like starting the school year all over again: I get to buy fresh notebooks, open the latest fine-tip pens in exciting new shades (hot pink! chartreuse!), and anticipate all the wonderfully wise and engaging things my professors will say on the first day of class. It also means my enthusiasm for studying is briefly reignited—a magical, roughly two week window wherein nothing sounds better than curling up in an armchair with a thermos of Earl Grey and a copy of The Canterbury Tales.[1]

Which brings me to the point of this post—where exactly are the best study locations to hunker down with said tome and some tea? Read on for a riveting, no holds barred breakdown of my three most frequented study locations, rated on scales of comfort, productivity, social activity, and (most importantly) access to food.

[1] As opposed to, say, lying on my bed with a Warm Delight and an episode of 30 Rock.


Kenyon Resolutions: A New Year's check list for my final semester

By Susannah Green on January 4, 2013

Tuesday marked the start of 2013, a year that's been looming in my mind since I was a old enough to do the math—the year I stop being a Student (for now) and start being an Adult (we’ll see). In the spirit of the New Year—and excessive nostalgia brought on by self-stalking my freshman year photos—I’ve decided to make a Kenyon Resolutions list in order to make the most of my final semester...  

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