Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Posted in November 2016

Find Your WKCO

By Benjamin Jagolinzer on November 4, 2016

Though much of my first year-and-a-half at Kenyon has been a blur of new faces, classes, and activities, one thing has remained the same: WKCO. There is something indescribable about sitting in the old, dusty basement of Farr Hall and just losing yourself in the music.

The Many Moods of Wiggin Street Coffee

By Natalie Kane on November 3, 2016

Since our village is small, the handful of independent businesses that we do have are called upon to fill many roles, and I think that our cozy coffee shop rises to this challenge especially well. Here are just a few of its functions that I have come to appreciate over my time here so far:

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