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How to Beat the Gambier Cold

Adam Egelman
February 25, 2015

I know this is a taboo subject for some Kenyon students, but there’s no escaping reality: it can be way too cold in Gambier sometimes. I swear there was a week in January last year where it never went above 9 degrees, and it still gives me nightmares.* Even after taking Madeleine’s excellent advice, -10 degrees is still -10 degrees. Obviously some sacrifices must be made, but you don’t need to go full hermit in order to stay sane and escape the cold! Here are some things I do to survive these difficult times:

  • Go to class: Seriously, get out of bed and go to class. Right now, my classes are probably the only thing getting in the way of full-on hibernation. Not only is it a bad idea to skip class in general, but you’ll be way more on top of your responsibilities if you center your week around them. Yes, a high of -10 degrees is as good a reason to cancel class as any, but aren’t academics the reason we’re here in the first place? I’ve also managed to pick classes that all meet south of the Gates of Hell, which is a huge plus since I live in Old Kenyon. Being lazy doesn’t mean you can’t be strategic!

  • Find the shortest commute: Every second you spend outside counts, so efficiency is all that matters. This involves some advance planning: I’ve shaved about 30 seconds off my walk to where I park my car by timing the walk last semester (no shame).

  • Park strategically: This is similar to the last point. Don’t park in town for too long, and residence parking lots are usually fair game for short periods of time during the day. I heard something about Campus Safety not ticketing students who park in Ascension on weekends, but who knows?

  • Shuttles are your friend: When it’s really cold out, Kenyon offers free shuttles around campus. You’ll receive an email when this happens, and The Thrill is usually on top of it.

  • Don’t catch the Kenyon Krud: Apparently it’s pretty easy to avoid, but I’ve somehow managed to catch it every semester so far at Kenyon. Whatever, at least some people are on my level.  

  • Go crazy with Instagram: After all, when has Buzzfeed ever been wrong?



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* “Wait a second, you’re from New York; doesn’t it get cold there as well?” Thanks for asking. Yes, New York is cold too, but it’s also significantly easier for me stay indoors and not feel bad about myself.