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How To: Take Yourself on a Wiggle Date

Kate Lindsay
October 10, 2014

I’m at Wiggin Street Coffee (affectionately coined Wiggle Ground, Wiggin, Wigs, etc.) so much that I received this text from a friend a few days ago:

“I’ve been at Wiggle for almost two hours and there has been no sign of you—WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO?”

I’m a Wiggle Rat (another term I’ve just coined). I’m here more than I’m in class, and I’m fueled almost exclusively by Caramel Nut Mochas, sun-dried tomato bagels with herb cream cheese, and chocolate chip cookies — warmed up. So when it comes to taking yourself on a midmorning date to Gambier’s finest coffee establishment, I’ve got ya covered.

1. Go alone. And I know this sounds weird for a date, but right now, we’re having ourselves some good ole’ “me-time.” Throw on a scarf, maybe a mitten or two, and head over. Hopefully, there’ll be a nug booth (single booth) open just for you.

2. Order a cookie. Wiggle’s cookie game is strong. Everything is baked in store, and they offer an alternating assortment of chocolate chip, ginger, and peanut butter.

3. But, ugh, the bagels are so good too.

4. Plug in. Whether this means literally, or just in your head, now’s your chance to get some work done, catch up on Tumblr, or even just back-stalk yourself on Facebook. This is for you, and the soothing sounds of Wiggle’s Pandora station will ease your journey.

5. Say hi. If you’ve made the right friends, chances are they’ll end up in Wiggle at some point throughout the day too. As your me-time comes to a close, move yourself to a big booth or the couches, and chill out with yo’ buds. It’s probably time to get another cookie, anyways.