Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Kenyon Bucket List

Adam Egelman
September 29, 2014

Apparently we spend only 28 months at Kenyon, so yeah, college goes by fast. I’m a junior now, so I’m pretty much halfway there. This recently dawned on me when I had to remind a campus safety officer that I am, in fact, not a freshman. I’m pretty terrible at deep, personal reflections, but this experience had me thinking about the state of my Kenyon bucket list. So here we go:

Done: Explore the greater Ohio area  
Don’t: Well, maybe not all of it

Done: Gap Trail bike rides
To do: Maybe Pelotonia

Done: Get involved in student theater

To do: Swim in the Kokosing (it’s really cold!)

Done: See live music in Columbus

Done: Get the Kenyon Krud… Every. Single. Year.

Done: Declare my major
To do: Pass comps and graduate

To do: Meet the person I share my P.O. box with

To do: Friday bell pealing (I’m tone deaf, whatever)

To do: Friday Cafe (delicious)

Done: Eat at the deli
To do: Eat everything at the deli