Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Kenyon-Exeter: 2014 Resolutions

Kate Lindsay
January 16, 2014

I just ate a Teddy Graham off the floor and I am not ashamed.

I also just woke up from a nap so that should give you some indication of how my 2014 is going. Despite this being a pretty slow week school-and-adventure-wise, I am excited to look ahead at this last term in Exeter and makes some goals for the new year.

  1. Go to new restaurants. My friends and I have been pretty bad at cooking for ourselves, and instead developed a few staple restaurants that we fled to whenever dinner time came about. While I am trying to cook more this year (see #2) I also want to check out some of the restaurants in town that we've never even considered.
  2. COOK MORE. This is already going well. Earlier in the week I did a huge Marks and Spencer's shop and now have enough food to sustain me for longer than a few hours. It's also just better for me as a human to put home-cooked things into my body rather than delivery Chinese food night after night. 
  3. Get outside England (more). It sounds kind of backwards, but one of my main incentives for studying in England was to travel to places that aren't England. It's just so much easier to get around Europe than it is America, and much more likely that I'll have the time and money to jet off to Amsterdam now rather than in the next few years.
  4. Study harder. I feel like a kind of dropped the ball academically this past term. I did all the work I needed to do but I could have been more more prepared and dedicated to it than I was. I'm trying to stop wasting my time on the computer refreshing my Tumblr feed over and over again, and instead shut my laptop and do my damn reading.
  5. Participate more on campus. While I am in an a cappella group that does a lot of events, I feel pretty separate from the Exeter campus as a whole. For the first time a few nights ago my friends and I saw a movie (Philomena!) on campus hosted by the film society. It was cheap and fun and something that isn't as easily and financially accessible to the average person, and I want to take advantage of more things like that.