Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Live-Blogging the Downton Abbey Season 3 Premier

Kate Lindsay
January 7, 2013

When the stress of school starts to get too much, taking an hour out of each day to hole up with a TV show becomes a real comfort. Because I don't feel comfortable commandeering the whole common room for my personal needs, I usually watch my TV shows the day after they air in the privacy of my own laptop. It becomes a routine. Wednesday is The Mindy Project and New Girl, Thursday is Modern Family, Sunday is Saturday Night Live, but Monday...Monday is Downton Abbey night.

Luckily, for the season 3 premiere I was still at home, and could gather around the TV with my family Sunday night. For those of you who missed it, or for any who want to rehash what happened, you can watch the episode here and follow along below.


01: This isn’t Downton Abbey this is a commercial how dare you PBS.

02: I’m just kidding PBS please hire me.


03: Ugh Daisy are you still here

05: MAGGIE SMITH you pout so perfectly.

08: O’Brien is actually the worst human is there a reason nobody else has noticed this?

11: Omg sexual innuendo while wearing hats is the best sexual innuendo.

13: Wait I wasn’t paying attention what’s happening now?

16: Literally everything Earl Grantham says sounds like TV static to me WHAT IS HAPPENING.

20: Just kidding all sexual innuendo is the best sexual innuendo if Matthew Crawley is saying it.

21: Sybil is like Downton’s Beyonce.

24: And dinner with Tom is like Downton’s extended family Thanksgiving, politics-wise.

26: DAISY. LEAVE. If someone stepped on you I wouldn’t stop them.

29: Make out make out make out.

34: Thomas and O’Brien are those two kids in pre-school that the teacher would make sure sat at separate tables. Grantham would realize this if only he looked at anything other than vaguely off into the distance.

38: Like I’m all for political debate but there’s a time and a place, Tom.

38: Oh wait he’s drugged #spoiler

42: Bates. I’m just saying that because I haven’t mentioned him yet.

45: I hear this American accent on Downton, I’ve absorbed it, I’ve mulled it over, and I reject it.

46: Like I don’t even sound like that.

50: Edith straight LURKS.

57: I’m sorry. I clock out whenever things get depressing.

59: Mary were you like not there for season two or something just shut up and kiss him.

1001: Is the Countess of Grantham about to give Mary the sex talk? #toolate #whathappenswithTurkishmenstayswithTurkishmenbecausetheyDIE

05: If I had a wedding ideas board on Pinterest I’d pin that dress so hard.

08: Wait that’s it? I expected this wedding scene to be like Jim-and-Pam good.

09: AND WE MISSED THEIR HONEYMOON? C’mon Downton there was like a whole other season in that.

14: I’m having trouble focusing again because my leg hurts.

17: He’s Just Not That Into You, Edith and Sir Anthony Edition.

20: Wait I really missed something I just heard the words “cyst” and “fluid.”

23: I feel like the Dowager Countess would make an excellent Downton live-blogger, plus it would be super meta.

26: Thomas sabotages something and no one is surprised. Next.

28: Mary and Matthew cannot keep their hands off of each other and I am LOVING every second of it.

39: Karma’s only a bitch if you are, Thomas.

41: Dominos online ordering was invented for times like these.

44: Adult sing-alongs are one of those things I really hope aren’t just in the movies.

50: I think we can safely blame every problem on Thomas.