Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Orientation, Moving In and the Flu

Noah Williams
January 29, 2015

During the past week, I have finished orientation and moved into my dorm room. I am pretty sure that my room's specs are equivalent to that of a jail cell's — how European.

So far, everything has been pretty anticlimactic. I had my first legal beer and saw a pantomime of Cinderella. I haven't really left my room too much to explore yet. After the second day, I started not feeling well. Turns out that I have the flu … a fantastic way to start off abroad. But I'm still in high spirits. Despite its rainy weather, London is gorgeous. I am living in a primo location, in the South Bank on Stamford Street.

 Side notes:

Upon arriving at the airport, I had a hard time finding one of my bags. I went up to the lost baggage station in Heathrow and said to the woman working the desk, "I think I may have lost one of my bags." She responded, "How considerate of you." I ended up finding my bag; it was hiding in plain sight.

I asked a barman if it were OK for me to partake in British slang like cheers, mate, cheerio, cheeky, dodgy and sir. He said it was totally OK, and he also filled me in on how to curse like a Brit, the details of which I will spare you.

Let the British assimilation begin...