Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Study Spaces of Your (Kenyon) Dreams

Adam Egelman
October 23, 2014

While Kenyon students spend an insane amount of time studying, I we love to procrastinate. It’s too easy to do here. The number of times I’ve stared onto South Quad and checked Reddit while writing this piece in my Old Kenyon dorm room would probably disgust any sensible self-disciplined person. That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favorite places on campus where I can hunker down and study or write that essay that’s definitely not due tomorrow.

Let’s do this:

Ganter-Price Hall  

As a brother of the Alpha Delta Phi, I’m fortunate to have the option of using this space as study spot. In addition to the rooms most Kenyon students who have been to a party here are probably familiar with (main room and dance floor), there’s an area off to the side called the Squiers Room, and it may look slightly familiar. That’s because this room is an exact replica of the AD Bullseye and fourth floor before the Old Kenyon fire of 1949, with plenty of tables and comfortable couches for all brothers. There’s one subtle difference between the Squiers room and the original, though, but I’ll let you discover that one on your own…  

Pro tip: Sometimes Peirce is just too far away for us, so we like to light up the grill and make something delicious. Also, that fireplace comes in handy in the winter.

Peirce Pub

You might know the pub as the place where Two Drink Minimum hosts their shows (also, Nite Bites is here), but it’s also where I studied for a chemistry exam for six hours straight last semester. There are foosball and pool tables, and the pub is located right next to the computer lab, so you’re set if you need to quickly print something (for free!).

Pro tip: The pub can be super dark and depressing sometimes, but if you know where the light board is (near the back), you can turn this dope performance space into the study space of my your dreams.

Peirce Extendo

Peirce is amazing — well, the building is. It’s no Starbucks or dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong, but I’ve spent hours working on New Side in the afternoon while nursing sandwiches, cookies, and chocolate milk/tea. And a huge perk of having a no-swipes meal plan is going back to the servery for more whenever you’re hungry.

Pro tip: Panini press. Use it. Use it for everything. You think I’m joking. I’m not (chocolate chip cookies ftw).

Gund Commons

The only things that come to mind when hearing the name of that building are the all-nighters I spent there freshman year. It’s also the place to go if you need job advice or if your CA writes you up for having candles in your room, among other things. But if you need a place to remind you to start your assignments early the next time, the whole night, I highly recommend spending quality time in this piece of architectural beauty, designed by the one and only Graham Gund®. Free printing is also a huge plus.

Pro tip: Don’t get to the point where you’ll only be productive if you work in Gund Commons. Seriously. You’ve been warned.


Real talk: you should probably do your work here. Like Peirce and Gund Commons, there are free printing and computers, but the library also features the writing center, where awesome people will help you out with that paper you totally started on early. You can also take out books, laptops, chargers, headphones, and pretty much anything else using your K-card.

Pro tip: Stay until the nerd bell rings (2 a.m., closing time) at least once during your Kenyon career ... for fun of course!