Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

The Cleanest Room on Campus?

Adam Egelman
December 9, 2014

Meet Joe Barden ’15. Joe is a political science major from Seattle, and his favorite color is sea foam. You might know him from his highly informative Thrill articles, or possibly from his resemblance to Breaking Bad’s Walter White. Sure, he wrote an incredibly profound review of Gambier’s local McStablishments that changed my college career for the better death, but did you know that Joe also has impeccable taste for interior design? I sure didn’t! Joe offered to show me around his clean and zen room, located in the Morgan Apartments, or as he describes them, “the hot molten core of Kenyon College.”

  • You may have noticed the VHS box pyramid on the wall of Joe’s room. If you’re an avid Thrill reader, you’ll remember he is a devoted collector of Jerry Maguire VHS tapes. Though he keeps the majority of his 140ish tapes at home, Joe likes to have around 20 “Jerrys” in his room just in case.

  • “My favorite item in my room has to be this portrait of my dog. It’s technically a photo, but for me it’s a portrait.”

  • “My happiest memory of this room is probably when someone helped me put on makeup before Deb Ball.”

  • “My room has a lot of plants. I like to think that they improve the air quality, but they probably don’t. They do make the room feel spacious though.” They sure do, Joe!

When the sun is out, this room shines brighter than Peirce New Side before my 9:40; just take my word on it.