Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Ariana Chomitz

Class of 2013
Major  —  Anthropology
Hometown  —  Bethesda, Maryland

Designated photographer, world traveler, hip-hop choreographer, Kenyon tourguide.  Those who find me intimidating clearly weren't around for the time that I actually and unironically slipped on a banana peel. (See: My freshman orientation).

Dear Job Market: You Know You Want Me.

By Ariana Chomitz on January 8, 2013

The panic is familiar, as is my standard duck-and-cover response, when adults start asking me questions like: So, what are you going to be doing next year?  It strongly reminds me of being a high school senior and trying to figure out the college thing.  And as much as I sympathize with what you, dear prospective student, are going through, this is much, much worse.  

Confessions of a Choir Defector

By Ariana Chomitz on December 25, 2012

Like meeting an ex for a coffee and catch-up, I felt some nervous flutters as I headed into the Chamber Singers winter concert this year, not as a singer, but as an audience member. Would I see them differently now that I've had some distance? Would I find regrets, or validation?

Here are three things I learned when I became an audience member at a school where everyone performs.

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