Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Posted in December 2012

"Cats and blogging go hand in hand"

By Susannah Green on December 3, 2012

(Post title courtesy of Josh Fitzwater--Kenyon's Social Media Director/The Guy Who Hired Me)

Hi prospective Kenyon students! Welcome to this blog!  Before I start introducing you to the many facets of the Lord/Lady experience (and finding a way to work cats in) it seems like a good idea to introduce myself. Soo, who am I?

This Odyssey of Life

By Jake Fishbein on December 3, 2012

One day, 3,000 years ago, a group of sailors left a man on a rocky shore in the Ionian Sea, perhaps even the one in the picture below. He missed home for twenty years, toiling at war and wandering the endless waters in search of glory and a way to go home. In modernity he is but a name and his journey a metaphor for the struggles of life.

Yet, his passion and humanity live on...

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