Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Andrew Parmelee

Class of 2014
Major  —  Biology
Hometown  —  South Glastonbury, Connecticut

Hello! I'm Andrew. I am the captain of the Soccer team, a campus tour guide, on student council, and work in a research lab. You can find me playing pickup basketball, being a fan at a sporting event, hanging out with my friends, and eating.  If you were to ask my apartment-mates, they would probably tell you I can be found in the library or the science quad. Either way, I love Kenyon and hopefully you enjoy my take on things. 

Meet a Motown (er)

By Andrew Parmelee on October 28, 2013

Dylan Markovic is a talented individual here at Kenyon. He is part of Senior Class Committee (the most important group on campus), an established Cleveland sports fan, and also an undiscovered comic. Oh not to mention he can play the guitar upside-down,  backwards and without looking. The man is hardcore. He plays in a little band on campus called Motown. Have Dylan tell you the rest.


The Dorm Room Hair Cut

By Andrew Parmelee on October 9, 2013

That time when you realize your hair is really long and it needs to be cut so you have someone in your hall do it instead of going to a barber (WE ARE SENIORS AND STILL DO THE SAME THING). Nothing beats a dorm room hair cut. This post is more geared toward guys and their hair, as I know absolutely nothing about the care of women's hair and where they would get a haircut here.


Playing Away

By Andrew Parmelee on September 9, 2013

Being on an athletic team has its ups and downs. We win, we lose and we travel. Some of the best moments of each season happen while on the road. This past weekend the soccer boys went to Danville, Kentucky. It was about 6 hours away. We stopped at a mall.  Yes we wear matching polo shirts. They look amazing. 

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