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Posted in April 2013

Kenyon Quint(essentials): Shoes

By Kate Lindsay on April 6, 2013

Since college-visiting-oh-my-god-which-one-should-I-go-to-please-somebody-help season is almost over, I thought I'd start focusing on those lucky students who have already decided on Kenyon. When I made the decision to come here, there was a long period of excitement followed by a long period of panic. When you're packing for college as a first year, you have no idea of what things you will actually need (lots of storage) and what things you will never need ever (Harry Potter wands). For this first installment, I thought I'd focus on shoes. At Kenyon, you do allllooottt of walking, so read on to find out exactly what you need!

J is for they weren’t Joking (#EXTRA)

By Olubusola "Busola" Olukoya on April 1, 2013

This is the story of how I got free Chipotle today for attending a public screening of Machuca in Higley Auditorium.

I really didn't want to eat at Peirce Hall this evening because its Easter Monday, and I'm all for celebrating in excess. So, I was very pleased to receive an email today about how I could get a free Chipotle Burrito if I came to see a movie about class differences in the short-lived socialist government in Chile. First of all, I love love love Chipotle! And secondly, a free dinner and a show?? They had me at hello!! (That rhymes! Haha!)

Read on for all the juicy juicy deets!

Describe a Chipotle Burrito in 3 words: Juicy Juicy Juicy

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