Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Posted in February 2013

That time I partied with my professors aka Fandango

By Susannah Green on February 10, 2013

Every year, exactly one hundred days before graduation, the senior class embarks on a magical night known as Fandango. It's basically prom plus professors and wine: you dress up, take pictures, and spend two hours sloppily hugging 400 of your closest friends (while wondering out loud if you should tell your sophomore year poli sci professor, standing two feet away, that you once stalked his LinkedIn). Read on for more highlights (and pictures) from my own experience at Fandango, which happened this past Friday night. 

If Things Are Bumpin' in the Night, It's Either A Blackout Party or a Ghost

By Ariana Chomitz on February 5, 2013

I was never too afraid of the dark, but living on one of the most haunted campuses in the country has given me a new respect for things that go bump in the night.  So when the power cut out Friday evening, plunging my Old Kenyon single into black silence, I fumbled for my headlamp and headed to my friends' apartment as quickly as I could without actually running.

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