Quintessential Kenyon: Student Life, Uncut

Kisky Holwerda

Class of 2014
Major  —  Drama
Hometown  —  Portland, OR

Hey, I'm Kisky. I'm a senior and I'm majoring in rejection and waiting around. Sorry, I mean drama. On campus you'll find me giving tours, having coffee and crossword time in Peirce, napping in the green room, being postmodern in Timberlake, or drinking gin and tonics at the VI. Hopefully my hair will have grown out by the time you actually do see me, I may love the 80's but the mullet is not a good look for me #kenyoncropproblems.  

Bookstore Shopping 101

By Kisky Holwerda on July 19, 2013

Bookstore Shopping 101:  This is an introductory course to navigating the wild world of the Kenyon Bookstore.  We will cover a few basics and give you a taste of what to do in the event that you forget an important birthday or special day.  No fear, the bookstore's here!  No tests, no papers, just the sweet satisfaction of knowing you made someone's day all the more special.

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